Our Programs

  • Weight Loss Program

    In today's society where we are more conscious than ever about what we eat, we can work in conjunction with your doctor, to help you shed pounds safely. Our clinic has an independent gym program available to help you succeed as you set your goals.

  • Post Surgical Program

    Our post-surgical programs are designed for safe and efficient rehabilitation. We work with you and your surgeon to maximize your outcome in the shortest reasonable time frame. It doesn't matter if you are trying to avoid surgery, or get back up to speed after surgery, Natomas Physical Therapy can help you. Our physical therapists are experienced with arthroscopic repairs, with open repairs and with total joint replacements.

  • Arthritis Program

    Can a physical therapist help me with my hand problem? Dean has worked with arthritic hands, and injuries ranging from sprains and strains to carpal tunnel syndrome. For most hand injuries, we can help. Regardless, we can evaluate the extent of your injury. If necessary, our office will direct you to a certified hand therapist in your area.

Why Choose Us

At Natomas Physical Therapy, we strive for excellence in patient care. Using hands-on treatment, pain relieving modalities and an individualized exercise program, our physical therapists target specific tissues to help you improve.

Reach your goals!
If you are searching for a pain free future, we can help!
Natomas Physical Therapy is here for you!

Whether you have stiffness, pain or are looking to get more healthy, Natomas Physical Therapy will design a custom program for you!

We accept PPO insurance, Auto Insurance, Medicare, Sierra Nevada Medical Group HMO, and Self-Pay.

At Natomas Physical Therapy, we have more than 10 years of experience working with the elderly. Using a gentle approach, we have helped hundreds of seniors regain independence and reduce the pain of movement. We work with you to help improve balance and strength. Our physical therapists are versed in up to date treatment techniques. They want to help seniors be safe and independent at home. Natomas Physical Therapy’s physical therapists have designed fall prevention programs, treated the painful symptoms of arthritis, and helped older patients improve their mobility.

Experienced at treating athletes, our physical therapists are confident, providing the latest in manual techniques and exercise to improve your functional abilities. Whether you are a high-level athlete or a weekend warrior, our physical therapists can design a custom program for you to help improve your performance. If you are looking for better balance, faster reaction time, greater strength, or cardiovascular endurance, we can help!


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