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What are Physical Therapists?

Physical therapists, sometimes referred to as simply PTs, are healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to the very oldest, who have medical problems or other health-related conditions, illnesses, or injuries that limits their abilities to move and perform functional activities as well as they would like in their daily lives.

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Fun Facts

The History of Physical Therapy

The history of physical therapy is a fascinating one, as this field has journeyed from the ancient civilizations of the Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Persian and Roman empires to our modern world of today. Many of the methods and tools used in modern physical therapy are the same as or similar to the instruments of those great ancient civilizations.

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Dean Bessas

Dean is experienced with post-surgical patients as well as working with athletes.

Pam Geddis

Pam has worked in physical therapy offices for over 20 years.

staff profile

  • Dean Bessas, Physical Therapist

    Since completing his physical therapy education in Canada, Dean has treated athletes and worked with a high school football team for 5 years. Dean has continued his education with courses in detailed evaluation and manual therapy. In addition to rehab for strains and sprains, Dean is experienced with post-surgical patients, adapting treatment plans according to surgical protocols and patient responses to treatment. Dean is also trained to provide functional capacity evaluations.
  • Pam Geddis, Office Manager

    Pam has worked in physical therapy offices for over 20 years. Pam streamlines the intake process to reduce wait times and answer questions regarding insurance. Her goal is to make sure new patients have an appointment within one business day of receiving their doctor's referral.