• “I highly recommed Natomas Physical Therapy. As a mother of 4, I struggled with a low back injury for years that was very limiting. I was lucky to be able to be treated by Dean Bessas and that was the turning point for me. His superior knowledge, patience and assurance that I could be well gave me the confidence and the tools that I needed to relieve pain in the short term and strengthen my back muscles long term. I have been free of any back pain or injury ever since. I feel lucky and blessed to have had such an opportunity to improve my health.”

    Kenni McAlister

  • “I was referred to Natomas Physical Therapy after a painful shoulder seperation playing softball. After his inital evaluation, Dean put me on an 8-week program consisting of various resistence and weight exercises, as well as treatments to help with the pain and swelling. In the end I was able to rebuild muscle strength in and around my shoulder again, restoring the mobility and flexibility I had before the injury occurred. Thanks to Dean and the rest of the Natomas PT staff for all your help!”

    Dennis Valencia


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