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  • Get the Most Out of Physical Therapy

    While not all physical therapy experiences are the same, some general rules apply to ensure that your experience will be a positive one. Whether you have your therapy treatment in a clinic, a hospital, or at home, following some general guidelines can help you get the most out of physical therapy.

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Physical Therapists are movement specialists!

When loosening stiff joints, treating back pain or improving a golf swing, Physical Therapists are hard at work.

At Natomas Physical Therapy, we strive for excellence in patient care. Using hands-on treatment, pain relieving modalities and an individualized exercise program, our physical therapists target specific tissues to help you improve.

Reach your goals! If you are searching for a pain free future, we can help!

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Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound is another modality that physical therapists can use to help a patient with their pain. Ultrasound is essentially a machine that uses sound waves to generate heat within a body part.

Electric Stimulation

Clinically, following surgery or injury, physical therapists use electrical currents to create muscle contraction, to increase strength and prevent disuse atrophy, and stimulate sensory nerves to reduce pain.

Band Exercices

While elastic resistance bands are often used in fitness programs, their origins lie in physical therapy. These are often used in physical therapy clinics for rehabilitation of upper and lower body injuries.

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